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Painter for more than 20 years, Isabelle NATIVELLE trained at the Ateliers de Sainte Adresse (Le Havre) under the direction of François TROQUET.


Her artistic approach has evolved over the years, the figurative scenes have given way to a more abstract universe where the imagination is omnipresent.


She uses a mixed acrylic-based technique to which she adds ink, sand, glued paper, depending on the case, etc. The colors are applied in successive layers with large coating knives, most often on large-format canvases which allow a ample gesture. Powerful colors and material effects are the essential elements of his technique.


Reproducing a reality is never an objective, this reality is just at the source of the process through the colors and atmospheres of the places she appreciates, the Normandy coasts but also all the landscapes inspired by her travels.


The color is always the starting point, then comes a search for balance of forms, without any figurative intention. The combination of the two ends up evoking a totally imaginary landscape where the horizon lines meet as a common thread. In these recomposed landscapes, one always finds large spaces, the sky, the sea, the shores, but also sometimes more urban perspectives.


At the same time, she also likes to work on the theme of characters or personal recompositions of landscapes or real sites.


Everyone can interpret these compositions according to their own universe.


Along with her pictorial approach, her taste for matter naturally led her to modeling, her terracotta sculptures, enamelled or patinated, now complete her artistic universe.


The inspiration themes are multiple: round and smooth animals, bathers, family scenes and dresses inspired by the collections of the great couturiers.


Even if the figuration is present, the imagination is always at the rendezvous as well as the color through the patinas.

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